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When Will I Get a Refund?

Each year the board of directors, which is elected by our members, reviews our financial position and determines the amount of capital credits to retire to our members. Capital credits may not be retired every year. If Big Horn REA is financially stable and the margins we've accumulated are more than we need to reserve, the board may decide to refund some of the capital credits. As a not-for-profit organization, 100% of the capital credits will be returned to member-owners, but if Big Horn REA were to retire all of the capital credits each year, it would be necessary to raise rates beyond affordable limits to generate enough capital to refund all the accrued credits.

Returning capital credits to our members is our goal and commitment. However, Big Horn REA will only return capital credits when it is financially prudent for the long-term health of the cooperative. The majority of members, when asked if they prefer low rates or a capital credit check for a few dollars, choose low rates.

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