Please Be Safe!

Big Horn REA would like to remind you to be safe when working outdoors. We have had several line-contact incidents on our system in just the past month - scary and could have been tragic! Please be sure to call 811 - One-Call  - before you do any digging on your property to ensure that ALL lines - electric, water, phone, etc. - are located and you are in the clear. Also, please, please, please be aware of overhead power lines and guy wires attached to poles near the areas you are working. We have had trucks hit poles, tractors take out guy wires and knock down poles, track hoes break wires and knock them to the ground. Any of these accidents had the potential to have fatal consequences!

We would also like to remind you that Wyoming has a High Voltage Line Safety Act that was enacted by the Legislature in 1989 which stipulates that 1.) No person, or part of any tool or material used or handled by a person, shall get within six feet of a high voltage overhead power line, and 2.) No equipment (including any load handled) shall be operated within 10 feet of a high voltage power line in the performance of a work activity. Failure to comply, or a violation of this law which results in physical or electrical contact with an overhead line, the party committing the violation will be liable to the utility for all damages to the facilities and all costs and expenses, including damages to any third persons, incurred by the utility as a result of the contact.


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