Changed Your Phone Number or Address?

If you have changed your phone number or disconnected your land line for a cell phone, or changed your mailing address, please call Big Horn Rural Electric immediately.

Why should I call Big Horn REA?

There are several reasons why you need to call Big Horn REA if you have changed your contact information.

*  If you are on oxygen or other life-support systems which rely on electric power to operate and a scheduled outage is planned, we need to be able to notify you.

*  Big Horn REA is a non-profit cooperative and since you share ownership in the cooperative, any excess capital is returned to you when the capital credits are retired, provided you had electric service with us during the year for which the Board decides to pay said capital credits. We need your current address to ensure that you receive monies due you.

*  Notificaitons are mailed to members on occasion, such as for Annual Meeting, District Meetintgs, outages, etc.

*  Also, if the county or town where your service is located has changed your physical address, we would like to know of this change for our records.

*  Big Horn REA may need to contact you in an emergency situation.

If your contact information has changed, or if you are not sure we have the correct information, please call Big Horn REA and confirm your information. You can reach us at (307)568-2419 or (800)564-2419.

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