Thank you for inquiring about a new electric service. Big Horn Rural Electric wants to work and coordinate efforts with you so the project is planned and built according to the service requirements needed. A general listing of the process is stated below:

  1. Member/applicant requests a new electric service from Big Horn REA
  2. A representative of Big Horn REA will schedule a time and place to meet you to discuss the proposed project and review the new service process. The best place to meet is at the proposed new service location.
  3. Member must provide a copy of the warranty deed – the deed will provide documentation that the person requesting the service is the property owner and will be able to execute a proper/recordable easement. A copy of your warranty deed can be obtained from the County Clerk’s office.

At this first meeting:

  1. Big Horn REA will work with you or your contractor to complete paper work relative to the system requirements for the new service (for example, will it be an irrigation service, and, if so, how many motors and their sizes; if residential service, what will be the electric requirements?)
  2. Big Horn REA will initiate field work to perform an estimate of the costs involved to build the service. The “best” route for the lines, poles, etc. will be reviewed with you. Based upon this field work, Big Horn REA will prepare an estimate of the project costs. A representative of Big Horn REA will meet with you to review these costs.
  3. Big Horn REA will inform you that if the estimate costs are accepted by you, there will be additional paper work, forms and requirements that must be completed before the project can begin. These items include:
    1. Copy of Warranty Deed
    2. Payment of estimated cost of project (if applicable)
    3. Membership Application – must be completed if you are not already a member
    4. Deposit – will be required if you are a new member, or if you are an existing member that has had delinquent payments within the last 12 months
    5. If your project is for a new home/business, you will need to contact your appropriate County Land Planning office.  The numbers for the offices are: Big Horn County 568-2424, Park County 587-2204, Washakie County 347-2741, Sheridan County 672-3426.  These offices will provide you with an address for your property, and help you complete any other documents that are required on their end.  An address is required before any paperwork from Big Horn REA can be initiated.
    6. Agreement for Purchase of Power – needs to be signed by member and agreement basically states that you agree to keep the service, as built, in operation for at least 5 years
    7. Electrical Permit – must be obtained from the Wyoming Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety office. You can find the form at or you can call their office at (307)777-7288.
    8. County or State permits – (highway crossing, easement, etc.) must be obtained, if necessary. Big Horn REA will generally initiate this process.
    9. Release of Liability for Underground Facilities – owner or applicant to complete this form noting what underground electrical lines, water lines, sewer lines, etc. are on the property and owned by the owner or applicant and releases Big Horn REA from any liability
    10. Utility locates – Big Horn REA will call in for utility locates for public facilities such as telephone, gas and pipeline
    11. Tree Removal Form – to be completed if trees are currently, or will become, an issue with Big Horn REA’s facilities
    12. Surveyed Easement – you are responsible for paying for and providing a surveyed easement of the facilities – generally before the project begins. The estimated survey costs are $2,000.00 - $3,000.00 which will be included in the estimate cost. Big Horn REA will coordinate with a surveyor to provide the easement.

Generally, after all the paperwork is complete (including any required payments, such as for construction costs and/or deposit), and depending on the season, type of service, and the length of line, construction should start within two to three weeks. 

Big Horn REA wants to provide you, the member/applicant, with the best service possible and build the service to meet your schedule. We will work with you to make this process as easy and straightforward as possible to get you the best outcome. If you have any questions about your new service, please call us at 568-2419 or 800-564-2419.

NOTE:  The above process is generally applicable for an existing service that needs to be upgraded.

New Service Process (Printable)